Where it all started

Creating a new category of spirit was our mission… and mission accomplished! Our creation melds the characteristics of white dog whiskey with smoked agave spirit. It’s satisfyingly smooth, perfectly balanced and distinctly different.


What sets us apart

Whiszcal is a spirit like none other. Its balance and complexity allow all the flavor profiles of agave, each grain and bourbon-barrel smoke to shine through. We source our grains locally in Colorado. We malt those grains here at the distillery, smoke wild Mexican agave in-house and twice distill for the smoothest spirit possible. The devil is in the details.

from seed to spirit

The labor of love put into this spirit is evident in every bottle. We take every step of the process to a new standard. Our ‘Seed to Spirit’ philosophy is highlighted in every drop. Whiszcal is truly a one-of-a-kind spirit, with a one-of-a-kind experience in every drink.

make a difference

A portion of sales support the borderless missions of our three nonprofit partners. Please check them out and lend a hand where and when you can! Together we can make a difference.

Trees Water People
Positive Legacy
Conscious Alliance

taste the difference 

The unique flavors found in Whiszcal are derived from our distinctively different approach to distilling.

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Whiszcal with Friends

Whiskey just tastes better and goes down with a perfect smoothness when you’re sharing it with friends, especially when it has the superior flavor of our “borderless” whiskey.