The unforgettable experience of something new is at your fingertips. Our borderless spirit is a perfect marriage of smoked Mexican Wild Agave Spirit and full-body 3 grain White Dog Whiskey. Whiszcal is 100% produced in-house, from the Colorado grown malted grains to the smoked agave, we take distilling to a whole new level. A never before seen spirit, is a once in a lifetime experience!

two unite

as one

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Tasting & Events

With our unique distilling and amazing local talent, you’ll celebrate the chance to taste this borderless spirit, which pairs well with a group of friends.

A Perfect Blend

With grains locally sourced from farmland on the Colorado plains, our vision of a handcrafted exotic blend of two spirits adds a modern twist to the creative flavors of traditional distilling.

We source our wild Mexican agave from the mountains and valleys of Southern Mexico. Then in-house smoke infuse it with a proprietary blend of hardwoods before open vat fermenting and double distilling.

the new north american spirit

Whiszcal is the quintessential North American spirit that truly breaks all the rules, while it creates an entirely new category of spirit. Twice distilled using pot stills, and mellowed through a proprietary blend of hardwoods. Every drop has a little bit of all thats beautiful in our North American traditions.

A True Borderless Spirit